Cell Service for Covid-19 Relief

For those that are going through hard and difficult times due to the pandemic I thought I might make a post to help those individuals. I tend to stay up to date with the most cost effective cell phone mvnos (3rd parties) regardless, and was an early adopter to using them. In fact I used StraightTalk on my iPhone before they ever officially rolled out their BYOD program and I used my AT&T iPhone on Tmobile before it was officially available to their users.

So here’s the deal, I will not list any plans that are not purely charged monthly, besides a trial sim for those that need to test coverage before switching. And with that out of the way what deals are out there for the price conscious and hard hit consumers?

First T-Mobile mvnos tend to have the best prices and better coverage than Sprint, of course things vary, but I will completely ignore Sprint for a myriad of reasons that I won’t get into. If you are uncertain of what T-Mobile coverage is like in your area then please get a Mint Mobile trial SIM first, they’ll even give you a $5 credit towards your plan if you go with them!

$1 ~ Trial SIM card
7 day trial sim card (Mint Mobile — T-Mobile)

Can you get T-Mobile coverage? If so then how much data do you need, 1gb, 2gb or more?

$10 ~ Absolute cheapest plan
1gb, unlimited minutes & text

Liberty Wireless (T-Mobile)

$14.88 ~ Next cheapest plan
2gb, unlimited minutes & text
(unlimited 2g)
Walmart Family Mobile (T-Mobile) https://wfm.financialassistanceavailable.com/Enrollment/Financial/en/Web/www/walmart/index.html

$15 ~ 3rd cheapest plan
2gb, unlimited minutes and text (hard cap, no 2g data past 2gb)
T-mobile Connect

Can’t get T-Mobile service? Go with an AT&T mvno!

$18 ~ Cheapest AT&T mvno plan w/ 2gb of data
h2o wireless (AT&T)

Need better coverage than what most mvno’s offer? Then look at Consumer Cellular plans, they often have better roaming agreements than most mvno carriers!

$30 ~The cheapest plan w/ better than average roaming
3gb plan w/ unlimited minutes and text
Consumer Cellular (AT&T)

Also not mentioned, above, but h2o wireless has one of the cheapest 90 day intervals for pay as you go plans, so if you need something for emergency use then perhaps look at their $9 for 90 days of pay as you go service. It doesn’t give much, only 100 minutes, texts or data at rates of 5 and 10 cents, but it may be enough for some people and roughly $3 a month is insanely cheap.

I think as of today that pretty well lays out the best deals I am aware of, most anything else is so bottom of the barrel it’s useless to mention or to use. I think most anyone can use these carriers and be pretty happy with the service. If you think something was missed or should have been included then please hit me up in the comments and let us know!